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 <p><h5>Some important dates :</h5></p>
+<li><b>October 2004</b>
+Work by Thomas on a new mapping, reverse mapping and physical memory
+management system. The new system has been thought with
+synchronization concerns in mind, particularly the one faced with the
+virtual memory management part.</li>
+<li><b>July 2004</b>
+Presentation of KOS given by David and Thomas at the <a
+href="http://www.rencontresmondiales.org">Libre Software Meeting</a>
+in Bordeaux, France. This conference took place inside the
+<i>Embedded</i> thema.</li>
+<li><b>June 2004</b>
+David and Thomas started writing articles for Linux Magazine France, a
+french magazine related to Linux. These articles explain step by step
+how to create a simple operating system on PC. It is based on a
+dedicated operating system called <a
+href="http://sos.enix.org">SOS</a>. Of course, a lot of inspiration
+came from the KOS project. There should be about 12 articles published
+in more than one year, at the rate of an article per month. The
+articles are written in French, but they may be available someday in
+<li><b>Tuesday, June 1st 2004</b>
+Presentation of KOS at the <a href="http://www.utbm.fr">UTBM</a>, a
+french engineering school. The presentation was made by Thomas, who
+was student in this school at that time.</li>
+<li><b>Sunday, April 25th 2004</b>
+Presentation of KOS at <a
+href="http://idile.org/libreast/index.php">Libr'East</a>, a free
+software event that took place near Paris in France. The presentation
+was made by Thomas.</li>
+<li><b>from September 2004 to January 2004</b>
+Work by Thomas and Mélanie Bats on KOS during their studies at the <a
+href="http://www.utbm.fr">UTBM</a>, a french engineering school. Their
+work was focused on :
+ <ul>
+  <li>Virtual memory management. This work allowed to implement
+  <i>fork</i>, <i>exec</i> and <i>brk</i>, some very important system
+  calls.</li>
+  <li>Conversion of <i>KARM</i> interfaces to XML, with the
+  appropriate tools to generate the corresponding C code.</li>
+ </ul>
+This work was ended by a report, in French, available on the website.
+<li><b>December 2003</b>
+During a coding week-end, Julien and Thomas improved the support of
+ELF binaries. They also worked on user threads and their stacks, and
+also on virtual memory management. They started to look at the PCI
+<li><b>October 2003</b>
+During a coding week-end, Julien and Thomas have implemented a couple
+of important syscalls : <i>fork</i>, <i>exec</i> and <i>brk</i>. This
+was possible thanks to work previously done by Thomas on the virtual
+memory subsystem.</li>
 <li><b>End of May 2003</b>
 Coding week end with David and Thomas at Montpellier. The scheduler
 has been completely changed, with the integration of waitqueues. The

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