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+<? // ;; -*- mode: HTML; -*-
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 <p>The project was initially launched by young programmers : most of
-them were students. Also, the inexperience has a major effect in the
-development progress, even if the team is currently composed of
-professional developers, or experimented amateurs. It is important to
-know that the first goal of the KOS project is not obtaining an
-operating system, but learning the OS internals and the functioning of
-x86 processors.</p>
+them were students, but they are now experienced developers in the
+team. The main objective of the project is not obtaining immediatly a
+revolutionnary and operational operating system, but learning the OS
+and computer architecture internals as well as learning how to develop
+a big project as a team.</p>
-<p>This Web site allows the management of this project, but also
-contains links to many documents related to OS development and
-computer internals.</p>
+<p>Currently, KOS is a working system, but with limited
+functionalities. However, it has some <? make_link("features.php",
+"interesting functionnalities"); ?>. We encourage you to download <?
+make_link("downloads-src.php", "the source code"); ?>, eventually <?
+make_link("cvs.php", "via CVS"); ?>. We are also looking for <?
+make_link("contribute.php", "new contributors! "); ?>.</p>
+<p>This Web site also contains links to many documents related to OS
+development and computer internals.</p>

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 interne d'un OS et du matériel ainsi que du développement en équipe
 dans le cadre d'un projet important.</p>
-<p>A l'heure actuelle, KOS est un système qui fonctionne et dispose de
-<? make_link("features.php", "quelques caractéristiques
-intéressantes"); ?>. Nous vous encourageons à
-télécharger <? make_link("downloads-src.php", "les sources"); ?>,
-éventuellement <? make_link("cvs.php", "via CVS"); ?>. Nous sommes à la
+<p>A l'heure actuelle, KOS est un système qui fonctionne avec certes
+des fonctionnalités encore limitées. Il dispose toutefois de <?
+make_link("features.php", "quelques caractéristiques originales");
+?>. Nous vous encourageons à télécharger <?
+make_link("downloads-src.php", "les sources"); ?>, éventuellement <?
+make_link("cvs.php", "via CVS"); ?>. Nous sommes également à la
 recherche de <? make_link("contribute.php", "nouveaux contributeurs
 !"); ?></p>

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