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thomas at kos.enix.org thomas at kos.enix.org
Tue Dec 28 19:44:28 CET 2004

Update of /var/cvs/kos/kos/modules/idt
In directory the-doors:/tmp/cvs-serv10813/modules/idt

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2004-12-28  Thomas Petazzoni  <thomas at crazy.kos.nx>

	* modules/x86/task/task.c: Try to restrict access to exported

	* modules/x86/task/_thread_cpu_context.c: Move to the new PMM

	* modules/x86/task/Makefile (all): arch_task.ro instead of

	* modules/x86/mm/_team_mm_context.c: More informations.

	* modules/x86/mm/_mm.h, modules/x86/mm/mm.c, modules/x86/mm/_rmap.c,
	modules/x86/mm/_vmap.c: The new VMAP/RMAP system. We also make
	sure access to all exported function is restricted to the VMM

	* modules/x86/mm/Makefile (all): arch_mm.ro instead of

	* modules/x86/lib/Makefile (all): Rename to arch_lib.ro instead of

	* modules/x86/internals.h: More definitions on the address space

	* modules/vmm/vmm.h (struct address_space): Add a mutex and a
	spinlock to protect address space.

	* modules/vmm/vmm.c: Restrict access to some exported
	functions. More work has to be done in this area.

	* modules/vmm/_vmm_map.c: Part of the new vmap system.

	* modules/vmm/_vmm_as.c: Make the appropriate lock/unlock on the
	address space mutex. It's just a first try. More reflexion has to
	be made.

	* modules/task/task.h: Make sure DOXYGEN doesn't try to analyze
	the #if stuff, because it doesn't like it.

	* modules/task/_task_utils.c (show_all_thread_info): If team is
	NULL, it means that we want to display the threads of all teams.

	* modules/scheduler/synchq.h: Avoid inclusion of task.h.

	* modules/pmm/pmm.c: New PMM system.

	* modules/pmm/_pmm_put_page.c: New PMM system.

	* modules/pmm/_pmm_init.c: New PMM system.

	* modules/pmm/_pmm_get_page.c: New PMM system.

	* modules/pmm/_pmm_get_at_addr.c: New PMM system.

	* modules/pmm/_pmm.h: struct gpfme is now private.

	* modules/pmm/pmm.h: struct gpfme is now private (migrated to

	* modules/pmm/Makefile (OBJS): New PMM system, with fewer

	* modules/kos/spinlock.h: New type spinlock_flags_t, that should
	be used instead of k_ui32_t for spinlock flags.

	* modules/kmem/_kvmem_utils.c: Migration to the new PMM
	system and various cleanups.

	* modules/kmem/_kvmem_init.c: Migration to the new PMM
	system and various cleanups.

	* modules/kmem/_kslab_cache_grow.c: Migration to the new PMM
	system and various cleanups.

	* modules/kmem/_kslab_cache_free.c: Migration to the new PMM
	system, and various cleanups.

	* modules/kitc/_kmutex.c: DEBUG_PRINT3 calls to show mutex

	* modules/init/_init_modules.c (init_modules): A message is
	displayed when initializating modules.

	* modules/ide/_ide.c: Various cleanups.

	* modules/fs/fat/_fat.c: Various cleanups.

	* modules/fs/devfs/devfs.c: Various cleanups, including whitespace

	* modules/debug/debug.h: Add the DEBUG_PRINT1, DEBUG_PRINT2,
	DEBUG_PRINT3 macros. Maybe there's a cleaner way to do it. David ?

	* modules/debug/debug.c (init_module_level0): Init the
	backtracking stuff a little later so that we have debugging
	messages during this initialization.

	* modules/debug/bt.c (_init_backtracing_stuff): bt_next is not
	anymore a valid candidate to determine if fomit-frame-pointer was
	selected or not, because of gcc optimizations. We use bt_init

	* modules/Makefile (doc): Add a target that generates the doxygen

	* loader/mod.h (EXPORT_FUNCTION_RESTRICTED): Change the symbol
	names generated by the macros, so that they include the name of
	the target module (the one allowed to import the exported
	symbol). This is needed in order to export the same symbol to
	multiple modules. Previously, the RESTRICTED system generated
	symbols that were identical for a given symbol exported to
	multiple modules.

	* doc/testingfr.tex: A big update to this documentation. Not
	finished. The english version should also be updated.

	* TODO: Some new things to do.

	* MkVars (CFLAGS): Pass the DEBUG_LEVEL Makefile variable to the C
	files. In each modules/.../Makefile, we can set a
	DEBUG_LEVEL=value that will set the level of verbosity of the
	module. Macros named DEBUG_PRINT1, DEBUG_PRINT2, DEBUG_PRINT3 have
	been added.
	(MODULES): Change all '-' to '_', because of the new
	EXPORT_FUNCTION_RESTRICTED system. This system creates symbol that
	contains the name of a module (the one allowed to import the
	exported symbol). But the '-' character is not allowed inside C
	identifiers. So, we use '_' instead.

	* CREDITS: Add Fabrice Bellard to the CREDITS, for his Qemu

Index: idt.c
RCS file: /var/cvs/kos/kos/modules/idt/idt.c,v
retrieving revision 1.42
retrieving revision 1.43
diff -u -d -r1.42 -r1.43
--- idt.c	18 Aug 2003 17:05:28 -0000	1.42
+++ idt.c	28 Dec 2004 18:44:26 -0000	1.43
@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@
   return 0;

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