[Kos-cvs] [kos] Modification CVS par thomas

KOS CVS kos at kos.enix.org
Wed Dec 15 23:33:48 CET 2004

Module :	kos
Modifié par :	thomas	15/12/04 23:33:48

Fichiers modifiés :
	.              : ChangeLog 
	loader         : mod.h 
	loader/elf32   : link.c 
	loader/libcrt  : Makefile strcpy.c 
	modules/kos    : wolfgang.c 
Fichiers ajoutés :
	loader/libcrt  : strrchr.c 

Détails :
2004-12-15  Thomas Petazzoni  <thomas at crazy.kos.nx>

* loader/libcrt/string.h: Add required prototypes (strcat and

* loader/libcrt/strcpy.c (strcat): New function.

* loader/libcrt/strrchr.c (strrchr): Added new standard strrchr
function needed by the EXPORT_FUNCTION_RESTRICTED system.

* loader/libcrt/Makefile (OBJS): Added the new strrchr.o object

* loader/elf32/link.c (relocate_section): Added the necessary code
to lookup for symbol that are either exported using
building the string of the form "module:symbolname", and looking
in the exported symbol database for symbol "symbolname" and symbol

* loader/mod.h (EXPORT_FUNCTION_RESTRICTED) : This new macro
allows to export a symbol to a single module instead to all
modules. For example EXPORT_FUNCTION_RESTRICTED(foo, vmm) will
only allow the vmm module to access the foo symbol. Basically,
this macro creates an exported symbol named "module:symbolname".

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