[Kos-cvs] [kos] Modification CVS par thomas

KOS CVS kos at kos.enix.org
Thu Dec 11 18:01:27 CET 2003

Module :	kos
Modifié par :	thomas	11/12/03 18:01:27

Fichiers modifiés :
	.              : ChangeLog 
	modules/kos    : wolfgang.c 
	modules/pmm    : _pmm_put_page.c 
	modules/test   : Makefile _test.h test.c 
	modules/vmm    : Makefile _vmm.h _vmm_as.c vmm.c vmm.h 
	utils          : Makefile 
Fichiers ajoutés :
	modules/test   : vmm_test.c 
Fichiers enlevés :
	modules/vmm    : _vmm_vr.c 

Détails :
2003-12-11  Thomas Petazzoni  <thomas at enix.org>

* utils/Makefile: Delete the 'kosidl' file when cleaning.

* modules/vmm/vmm.h: Removed function documentation, because
documenting the C file is enough for doxygen, it automatically
fetches the documentation associated to functions in C files.

* modules/vmm/vmm.c: Some new exported functions (as_unmap_ures
and as_dump).

* modules/vmm/_vmm_vr.c: File deleted.

* modules/vmm/_vmm_as.c: Function as_unmap_ures() is available and
seems to be working properly. Some new auxiliary functions
_as_unmap_shrink_vr(), _as_unmap_split_vr(), _as_unmap_del_vr()
were also created. The as_map_ures() still does not support
MAP_FIXED mappings on already occupied memory areas. All functions
have also been documented.

* modules/vmm/Makefile (OBJS): No more vmm_vr.c file.

* modules/test/vmm_test.c: New test for the VMM system. It only
tests the creation of region and their deletion.

* modules/test/test.c (test_run_all_tests): New test vmm_test().

* modules/test/Makefile (OBJS): New file vmm_test.c

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