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+<? // ;; -*- mode: HTML; -*-
 start_content_section("Documentation du Projet",
-<p>Project documentation.</p>
+<p>Unfortunately, as in many free software project, KOS doesn't have
+any complete and comprehensive documentation. Moreover, as the project
+as always been developed by French-speaking people, most of the
+available documentation is written in French, available on <?
+make_link("documentations.php", "the French documentation page",
+"fr"); ?>. However, all the source code of KOS is written and
+commented using the English language. This page lists the few
+documentation that are available in English.</p>
+<h2>Up-to-date documents</h2>
+<h3>Compile, test and debug KOS</h3>
+<p>This document, dedicated to new comers in the project, present in a
+comprehensive way how to compile, test and debug KOS. As KOS is not a
+simple user application, it doesn't have any simple installation
+procedure. Compiling it and running it is not very complex, but a
+guide is needed in order to ease the procedure.</p>
+<p>Download, in english : <?
+en_put_doc("kos_current/doc/testingen"); ?></p>
+<h2>Documents not updated anymore</h2>
+<h3>VM structure in KOS</h3>
+<p>This pseudo-UML diagram presented the main data structures of KOS
+that had a role in the virtual memory management subsystem. Notions of
+<i>thread</i>, <i>team</i>, <i>address_space</i> or
+<i>virtual_region</i> are still present in KOS, but the diagram is not
+<p>Téléchargemnt : <? fr_put_doc("kos_current/doc/vm_model", "dia eps pdf"); ?></p>
+<h3>Dynamic kernel stack expansion</h3>
+<p>This document presents a experimentation to have dynamic kernel
+stack expansion on the x86 architecture. The first experimentations
+were very succesful, but unfortunately, we later discovered some
+subtelties that forced us to give up with this idea. This document
+presents all these experimentations and our final conclusion.</p>
+<p>Download, in english : <?
+en_put_doc("kos-doc_current/dynamic_stack"); ?></p>

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