[Kos-cvs] [kos] Modification CVS par thomas

KOS CVS kos at kos.enix.org
Fri Dec 26 12:27:37 CET 2003

Module :	kos
Modifié par :	thomas	26/12/03 12:27:37

Fichiers modifiés :
	.              : ChangeLog 
	modules/kos    : wolfgang.c 
	modules/task   : _task.h _task_team.c _task_ustack.c 
	                 _task_uthread.c _task_utils.c task.c task.h 

Détails :
2003-12-26  Thomas Petazzoni  <thomas at enix.org>

* modules/task/_task_utils.c (show_all_thread_info): Takes a new
parameter (struct team *). When NULL, lists all thread, when not
NULL, lists only the threads of the given team.

* modules/task/_task_uthread.c (copy_user_thread): User stack
size/addr/id are now copied to new thread (no need to create the
stack nor to allocate it : the regions are copied, and so are the
user stack slots).

* modules/task/_task_ustack.c (copy_stack_slots): New function
that copies the user stack slot to a new team.

* modules/task/_task.h (copy_stack_slots): New function.

* modules/task/_task_team.c (task_exec): Remap the user stack of
the thread being exec'ed
(task_fork) Also copy the user stack slots.

* modules/kos/wolfgang.c (cmd_ps): Function show_all_thread_info
now takes a team as argument. If NULL, it will show all threads.
(init_first_user_process_aux): New function, executed as kernel
thread in the first user team. It loads the binary, and creates
the first user thread.
(init_first_user_process): This function now only creates a team,
and runs init_first_user_process_aux as a kernel thread inside

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