[Kos-cvs] [kos] Modification CVS par thomas

KOS CVS kos at kos.enix.org
Sun Dec 7 14:11:45 CET 2003

Module :	kos
Modifié par :	thomas	07/12/03 14:11:45

Fichiers modifiés :
	.              : ChangeLog 
	modules/karm/interface: char.xml 
	modules/kos    : wolfgang.c 
	modules/lib/charfile: libcharfile.c 
	modules/tty    : _ktty.c _tty.c _tty.h _vt100.c 
	modules/vmm    : _vmm_as.c vmm.h 
	utils          : kosidl.c 

Détails :
2003-12-07  Thomas Petazzoni  <thomas at enix.org>

* utils/kosidl.c (generate_id_list): New function that generates
all ID's required by the user space (interface + method ID's).

* modules/vmm/_vmm_as.c (as_unmap_ures): Beginning of work on
region unmapping (not tested, only the beginning).
(as_dump): New version, with more informations on each page.

* modules/kos/wolfgang.c, modules/lib/charfile/libcharfile.c,
modules/tty/_ktty.c, modules/tty/_tty.c, modules/tty/_tty.h,
modules/tty/_vt100.c: Report changes of the char interface.

* modules/karm/interface/char.xml: Change of the char
interface. Read and write now take a pointer to the length in
order to be able to return the real read/written length.

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